the mixtape : amateur astronauts
the mixtape : daytime nudist
the mixtape : guilty pleasures
the mix tape : ‘13 may
the mix tape : ‘13 april

artist : merah
track : merah

8tracks.playlist #29

music bagusikalisasi
vocals maulana kasetra

artwork reza noer fajar

kekal teaser

lipika pictures

music & lyrics : bagus pratama
vocals : anindhya bonita
bass : inyo ‘sir-smooth-hand’ rarumangkay (merah, speakeasy, vite)

artwork by signorist

the mixtape : ‘13 march
8tracks playlist #28

@8tracks playlist #27 “it doesn’t matter that we all groove to different rhythm, so long as we can sing in harmony “

a match made in heaven

artist : david byrne & st vincent
track : who